Monday, January 15, 2007

Classic Bite Commentary: January 15th, 2007

(2018 Update: Replaced an older post with an even older Bite commentary.)

Something interesting has happened. I've lost track of the planned site updates. Not the first time it's happened, mind you, but it happened.

I've had to suffer two birthday parties this past weekend... TWO STRAIGHT PARTIES IN A ROW. Some people may perceive this to be great news... the perfect example of the partying life. These people aren't a part of the close family.

Birthday party #1 was alright. We sat through a pretty boring match of Portuguese soccer followed by WWE Confidential, the show that Triple H himself personally despises. After cake and gifts, we would all sit around the table and play a couple friendly games of that infamous card game, "Asshole." This is well into late night and I have to work later.

Birthday party #2 started off fine until we showed up. Some folks wanted to leave "so we can eat," but my folks say not to worry about us. Next thing you know, a meaningless argument happens. When people argue in my family, they are loud, irritating, and almost as bad to the ears as Jackie Gayda's whining voice and pathetic talent (if you don't get the reference, that's okay. I'm also trying to block Tough Enough 2 out of my mind!). I didn't feel like eating the meat-themed pizza that we got via delivery, but somehow I made it through. The rest of the night was nothing noteworthy, as are most of the family gatherings.

I've purchased the March 2003 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. One particular piece in it is called Talkin' Trash. Supposedly, they take the ten most talked-about things in wrestling and sum up their gut reaction. For the first time ever, I'll put three of those topics here and follow it up with my own brief comment.

PWI states: How much do you wanna bet that both TEIII champions make it to WWE's main roster before Jackie Gayda makes her return?
Dave Says: No bet there.

PWI states: Yeah, that's exactly what we need, a third half-assed brand under the WWE banner.
Dave Says: If Vince McMahon mentions a possibility of bringing back ECW, there's an even better possibility he's full of shit. Remember all that talk about bringing back WCW in June 2001 before the Invasion crap?

PWI states: Just what you need, three more CDs of music that you're too embarrassed to listen to in public.
Dave Says: I'm too embarrassed to even listen to them AT HOME, let alone in public.

Oh boy! This is so much fun, I think I'll try something else. Here's a brief snipet from, which explains more reasoning behind the end of the Ross Report. The reason was that a lot of guys in WWE feel that the report, as well as shows like Tough Enough & Confidential. The last bit is kinda hilarious, so here it is:

The plan right now is to give away much less news and injury information away on WWE feels that the less fans know, the more interested and surprised they'll be at what actually happens on WWE TV.

Ha! That's a hilarious assumption, WWE! There's just one problem... it's called the Internet. Keep trying though.

I missed the RAW X special. Apparently from what I heard, I haven't missed much. On the other hand, I haven't expected much either. I have a brief comment on the Royal Rumble predictions.

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