Thursday, December 7, 2006

Big Show "Retires"

It's been confirmed by what was speculated by the IWC: Paul Wight, known as the Big Show, is "taking time off" to heal injuries. He might be retiring, which if he is, I thank him for many great moments, such as getting stuck in the crapper.

But some believe he may be "healthy enough" to face "healthy" Hulk Hogan in a Wrestlemania 23 match to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the historic Hogan/Andre confrontation at 'Mania 3.

Yeah, that's right. They're going to celebrate the biggest wrestling match in history with a match that has been witnessed by many who were watching WCW years ago. And they weren't even good matches back then, and with Show's injuries and Hogan's old age, what makes them think that this'll do any good?

Whatever man.

(2019 Update: He'd be back two years later.)

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