Sunday, November 5, 2006

Mystic Force Is Over. So what?

In 2004, I stated in a blog post that Power Rangers Dino Thunder's finale was an okay ending to a good run.

In 2005, I expressed my utter relief and happiness that the crapload known as Power Rangers SPD is finally over.

In 2006, I can't comment on Mystic Force's finale because I haven't seen it. In fact, I can honestly tell you that I have yet to see one single episode of the recent Ranger offering. Outside of a brief glance at a fight scene signalling the end of an episode, I haven't sat down and watched an episode of the series to really judge it. Of course, some would say that by not watching it, I'm already sending a strong message concerning the product.

Mystic Force didn't get a viewer in me for two reasons.

First off, the previous Power Rangers offering, SPD, was such a huge pile of shit that it had essentially wiped out any interest in seeing what the current creative team has to offer in subsequent series. And while general talk about these particular series has been more favorable than before, it still isn't enough to get me back into the fold... and the truly sad part was that there wasn't one time when I wanted to go out of the way to catch an airing. Contrast this to Ninja Storm: while I didn't care for that series because of the overall tone, it did have some interesting stories that drew me in, even if it didn't keep me around for the long run. Mystic Force didn't offer anything to reel me in at any point and thus I ignored it promptly.

The other reason why Mystic Force failed to interest me is because all the stories in that series was nothing more than rehashes of its Japanese counterpart, Magiranger. Yes, the same can be said for SPD being a near-carbon copy of Dekaranger, but I can honestly... wait a minute, I gave up on SPD for that very reason among other things. Because it's a rehash of a previous show, it signifies that no actual effort is shown in making the show enjoyable or original. There's no actual heart being put into the show; it seems more like a paint-by-numbers affair. I couldn't stand that sort of treatment for one show; two shows in a row following that route is a nightmare.

I'm hoping that the next incarnation turns out to be better and, considering the 15th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise is coming, I'm hoping something really special will be done.

In the meantime, I'll ignore the previous crappy shows that have infected the airwaves and stick with old episodes on tape as well as the fanfics... the only entertaining aspects left in Power Rangers as far as I'm concerned.


2010 UPDATE: Well, Operation Overdrive sucked and its 2-part "Once A Ranger" anniversary episode was a waste of time. I've only caught a couple episodes of Jungle Fury before I figured my time would be better invested elsewhere... and the Disney era of Power Rangers ended with RPM, which was actually a pretty solid show despite the new blood.

Now, with Saban having bought back the franchise, I'm having somewhat elevated hopes for the upcoming Power Rangers Samurai series... too bad I don't get Nickelodeon. Oh well... I guess it's back to YouTube for me.

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