Friday, November 24, 2006

Classic Bite Commentary: November 24th, 2006

(2018 Update: replaced an older post with an even older Bite commentary.)

I'll be short, quick, and straight to the point. I was going to discuss a set of topics, but the simple fact is that I've been creatively cut dried now. It's time to return to the original purpose of the Bite when I started this thing four years ago: to vent some of my frustrations.

So I've been generally low-key for a week now, only recently adding a number of blog posts concerning a number of topics. Since then, not much of a word... even the proposed update to the site was absent (although rest assured - this is the update).

So now I'm left with not one lost commentary, but two lost commentaries. Sad, isn't it? Fortunately, I seem to be back on track as far as website production goes. Now if only I can say the same for my fanfiction.

Right now, my only online activity will be relegated to the blog and occasional additions to the Webstation. I'll continue to write some fresh stories, but don't expect anything out of the can until next month or so. I have to work on getting my shit together.

Enough of my moping. Let's get this going!

I've yet to start Christmas shopping, but have some idea as to what to buy various special people in the family. The sooner I start, the sooner I finish, the happier I'll be... so I can give myself better presents than everyone else.

In the meantime, happy Black Friday and good hunting for good deals. Sadly, you'll never get it as bad as Boxing Day.

According to some sources, JJ Abrams (maker of Lost, producer of Star Trek XI) is committed to have old farts Bill Shatner and Lenny Nimoy reprise their famous Trek roles.  A bit of advice to the guy who brought us shows like Alias, Lost, and Felicity: get the fuck over it. Shatner's doing fine as is. Nimoy... ditto. We don't need these two guys reprising their roles just to support a supposed Academy story... or any story for that matter. Their time has passed - it's time to move on.

And it's kinda funny how most fans complain about prequels and how the producers should be moving FORWARD, but when rumors of Kirk and Spock being played by their original actors come up, they openly hope it's true... which is funny because I have no idea how that's called moving FORWARD. Seems a lot like looking BACKWARD to me.

Survivor Series looks to be jam-packed with people whom WWE have no idea what to do with. That's the only reason you're seeing three elimination-style matches. But let's not give WWE any more bad press: they'll just create their own and try to pass it off as controversial. Controversial my ass.

So let's piss on TNA.

To any future wrestling promoters out there: if you DON'T want your wrestling company to strive and bring in an audience, go ahead and hire Vince Russo as your booker. There'll be a good chance that you'll drive away an audience (in addition to not bringing anybody new in) with the stupid booking directions and if you're real lucky, you might see a celebrity hold your world title and destroy its credibility. It happened to WCW (where are they now?) and from what I've read on the recent TNA PPV, it'll likely happen to those guys too if this keeps up. Apparently, nobody read The Death of WCW... but even then, it doesn't sway matters when Russo just happens to be one of Jeffrey's buddies.

I've not seen the PPV, but have read various reports on it and know two things. First off, the world title should NEVER switch hands on a DQ finish, even if it's part of the rules. That simply makes the guy who wins it a major joke. And it was already bad enough that the guy was already made to look like an idiot when his gimmick is supposed to be that of a monster. Leave it to Russo to fuck up this amazingly simple concept. Even when born again, some semblance of the old mentality remains.

The other thing is rather obvious: build up your most anticipated match for several months until a major PPV occurs. When Angle showed up and brawled with Joe, it would immediately be announced that they would fight at the next PPV. Bad idea, because now Joe would have to be (and was) the sacrificial lamb to the newcomer Angle. While I could understand the need to show off any new toy, they should have pitted Angle against another player. And even if the match had to happened when it did, it shouldn't have ended the way it did. This is one of those times when a no-contest finish would work. It would suck, but it would just mean people would tune in to the rematch. Instead, we get the finish that we did AND still get the rematch a month later.

Like I said kid, Russo's your man if you want to drive your wrestling promotion to bankruptcy.

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