Tuesday, September 12, 2006

DTM BLOG Classics #24: Watching Paint Dry Is More Fun Than Raw So Farand Other Stories

So, there's a bunch of stuff to cover in this post, including some remasterings and some boring wrestling programs. Let's get into it.

On a rare night, I watched a live edition of Monday Night RAW and I started to regret doing so, almost immediately. We got the Scots, we got Piper, we got Umagabaga, we got Kane, we got the stickly thing pretending to be Ric Flair, and we got Edge pretending to be a white rapper. I thought last week's show was bad, but this is really starting to hurt. Even ECW looked to be a better show than RAW and I'm pretty sure everyone knows my thoughts on THAT show so far.

Having been bored with what has happened on RAW (not to mention it was past my bedtime), I left the show to tape overnight and had just finished watching the rest of it. Final thoughts is that for a show building towards a PPV, it was rather lackluster and from a purely entertainment standpoint, I maintain my earlier "dry paint" statement. Ironic that they'd use that as a joke when it says so much about the show right now. But like I said, the PPV is shaping up to be a fairly decent card.

High Points: A bunch of Scots slapping the crap out of each other never seems to get old. Also, Jeff Hardy, no longer content with covering himself with paint, now has to cover other people with paint. Still doesn't make it any more fun but it's cute. Only decent match was the Trish/Mickie match...

Low Points: The main event sucked. Let's not kid ourselves here: there's nothing historical about McMahon wrestling in MSG since it's not THAT big a deal. Certainly, Hunter tried to get something watchable out of Vince, but it ain't happening.

Other than that, not much happened on the show that stood out. There were a couple decent matches buried within a couple crappy matches, but nothing that stands and says memorable. So if you missed the show, you didn't miss much.

On the bright side of things, the Unforgiven PPV is shaping up to be a fairly good show. Certainly they're making this show seem like one of their big shows as opposed to the month half-assed offerings that is the monthly PPV. I might go see it if I feel like it.

Smackdown was certainly an interesting watch. Mostly because it's the first show I've actually sat down and watched in quite some time. Maybe the time off has done me a favor because the show isn't quite as unbearable as it was a couple months back. Although I have to admit that King Sucka annoys the shit out of me... dig that, sucka.

ECW... ECW... Aw screw it. It's not worth the blog space. If you're really that curious, wait until the next Bite commentary which will have my full thoughts on ECW.

So you remember Layla El, the newest WWE Diva and winner of the third annual travesty known as the Diva Search contest? Ever wondered what happened to her since she actually won the actual thing?

Well, according to a report posted at the rajah.com website, "Layla El, the winner of the 2006 Diva Search contest, is currently in a state of limbo in regards to having a distinguished role on television. The creative team simply has no idea as to how to use her..." which, to be honest with you is not much of a surprise considering the creative team simply has no idea... period.

"Also," the report says, "Vince McMahon has already lost interest in pushing her."

Vince losing interest in pushing another no-talent hack with nothing to offer but another pretty face on screen that I'm not going to remember ina couple weeks? Am I reading this right? Are you sure this is the same Vince McMahon (Jr.) who prances around arenas hanging his bare ass for all the world to see? Is this the same Vince (Jr.) who seems more than willing to let a talented women's wrestler like Trish Stratus leave while not bothering to get rid of Torrie Wilson or Candice Michelle whose only contributions to the industry as of late are a couple Playboy spreads and boring as hell paddle-on-a-pole matches and spanking matches? (Although to be fair, Candice is getting somewhat better, but she has to compete in more straight-edge matches and steer clear of the stupid Diva-style matches she's been having as of late.)

(2019 Update: Also, let's be equally fair, does 2006 Dave remember when Trish Stratus first started wrestling? It wasn't pretty, but she got better and was actually memorable. As for Torrie Wilson... at least I remember her name and face; I can't say the same for most of the so-called "Divas" that would come along later.)

Ahem, back to the report. "It's also been said that Layla got a breast augmentation shortly after she won the contest a few weeks ago." Well, if that doesn't get you a push, then I don't know what will...

(This was during a time when WWE hired women based on their looks more than their talent. And the matches and storylines showed. It did get to a point where the Divas segments were entirely skippable because the women were really that interchangeable.)

So CBS is going to rape a lot of people's childhoods or whatever the venacular happens to be. For those unaware, Paramount are upgrading episodes of the original Star Trek series to include newer, cleaner CGI effects and a revamped theme song. People will moan about messing with it, but after having seen a trailer of the thing, it doesn't look they'll be doing anything more than what was done with the Motion Picture. That can't be a bad thing.

Besides, if the new effects annoy you, there's always the DVDs.

Tomorrow comes the release of the "Limited Edition" 2-disc versions of the original Star Wars trilogy. For those who don't know, these aren't the same as what was released some time last year. These 2-disc sets contain both the 2004 Special Editions AND the original theatrical versions. Worth a look for those who don't have the DVDs or simply want their classic versions of Star Wars on a disc format.

Of course, you'd expect that certain group of people to be happy that they have their original original trilogy on DVD, but not surprisingly, they've somehow found something to bitch about. Apparently, there isn't much in terms of sound options or a lack of effort in terms of cleaning up the picture and whatnot. Apparently, those complaining that George Lucas raped their childhoods are now complaining that George Lucas is releasing these original versions to shut them up, but didn't put much effort into giving them snazzy features like surround sound or that other stuff. My thoughts on the subject is that if I can hear it clearly enough and if I can see it clearly enough, it's good enough for me. You might not be happy with what's offered (chances are you never will be), but I would be more than happy with what's offered.

Besides, if you have a good idea of your ideal Star Wars DVD, go fucking make it yourselves...


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