Thursday, August 10, 2006

Extreme Crap - Rob Van... Damn - Hogan Injured Again - No One Cares

Today, we've got some random postings from random sources, not to mention a lot of territory to cover, so let's get to it.

RVD returns from suspension and loses to Kurt Angle in an ECW house show, all the while nearly getting crippled. He still went on with the match and supposedly he's okay. That's almost nasty, but let's hope this doesn't lead into anything serious in the long run. ECW (especially THIS ECW) needs good workers or at least workers who will fit the image of ECW, because if the Ballroom reaction was any indication, the current brand of sports-entertainment is not endearing to its target audience.

Speaking of which, I finally got access to ECW on an X-treme Sports channel that's airing the recent episodes on a daily basis until August 12th. One of the shows was when RVD was still champ, presumably the one before he got busted for possessing weed. Other episodes I was able to catch was Big Show vs. Ric Flair and yes, even the one show from New York featuring the debut of CM Punk and a main event match between Big Show and Batista that was completely shit on by the ECW faithful.

Now that I've seen the shows, I stand by my position on the product being a low-key, low-quality WWE brand than a "new breed unleashed" or whatever the hell they call it. They're supposed to air the Undertaker episode later tonight and God only knows how I'll react to that crap when it airs here. Those fans in New York had the right idea the other night; CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Shame no one has the balls to actually do it.

On an additional sidenote, Canadian standards must really hate Singapore Canes because ECW on a channel that claims to be "X-Treme" has edited out every single cane shot from the Sandman. As if the shows were already bad enough, we now have to sit through the lame-ass editing processes of the Canadian television standards.

Hogan hurt his knee again... Summerslam may have been saved. No one seems to care... at least, no one I know seems to care.

A seven-year old research report in some medicine magazine concerning wrestling and violence has pissed off Vince McMahon to the point where he had to give it publicity instead of letting it fade into obscurity once again. It may be junk science to Vince, but to me it's just junk news... which can be said for the better part of what gets posted on that damn WWE website.

RAW made its debut on the Score two nights ago and... well, I won't sugarcoat it any other way; the show sucked more lemons than I thought it would. Not even Umaga could save the show from being such a borefest that I can't believe I wasted two hours of tape on it.

Time to go. Later.

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