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Classic Bite Commentary: June 23, 2006

(2018 Update: Whatever was here is no longer here and hasn't been for years, so here's an old Bite commentary from 2006.)

Look at that. I actually got another one up two weeks later. Of course, this is already breaking the unwritten rules associated with this revived commentary, but that's okay. It just means I have more to say and comment on this month. If anyone has a problem with that, please push that back button now and get the hell out of here... or do something revolutionary and read my words for they shall set you free... or something.

Now, there is a bit of a confession lying between these words: there isn't any cemented intention of making this an ongoing deal. Like I said, my hopes is to get one in once a month, but with my hecticly jumbled schedule, I'm not quite sure if I can even fit that in. I'm having hard times just posting on the blog. Rest assured that I'll certainly have a new commentary next month for all three people reading this thing right now.

Generally speaking, the last commentary I posted two weeks ago took place prior to a PPV. Coincidentally enough, this takes place a couple days before ANOTHER PPV airs. Quite honestly, it's like the old days of the Monday Night Wars, except most of the money is going to one company. But forget about that now. For there are other more important things to be discussing, such as... ECW.

Now I've already posted a great piece of my mind concerning this new ECW brand on the previous edition of the commentary. And there were a couple of blurbs on the blog that expressed my bewilderment at an ECW show debuting on a network that is mostly known for airing science-fiction and fantasy programming. I've seen the PPV and I felt that the show was good - not as good as last year's offering, but good enough that it isn't a total waste. The audience, in particular, was very creative, thinking up various vulgar chants. It was great.

I didn't watch the new show (since Canada doesn't get it), but judging from some of the reports and reactions, my worst fears for Vince's pet project have been confirmed. Bad enough they switched around the taping schedules (they were supposed to air ECW live, but decided to do tape-delay first), but reading the reports, it felt more like I was reading a report for a really bad WWE show. I mean... zombies, two-minute matches, and a battle royal with no major stake? If this is the template for future ECW shows, then suffice to say it, Canadians aren't missing out on anything. Like I said two weeks, WWE can't be bothered to present something different and thus we are treated to the same crap pulled on Mondays and Fridays. The high rating should make the top brass happy, but we'll see how happy they'll be when this ECWINO (ECW In Name Only) tanks worse than the XFL... and anyone who knows about that knows how that story ended.

(ECW would last up until 2010, where it would be replaced by another disaster in the making, WWE NXT. Thankfully, NXT shifted gears and went from being a horrid version of Tough Enough to a one-hour showcase of their developmental camp. An engaging program showcasing the next crop of WWE Superstars, it's the kind of show that I kinda wish they did with ECW without having to call it ECW.)

It's really a damn shame that so much effort, promotional hype, and brand-building was wasted on what should have been a great show but somehow ended up being worse than what we already get from these people on free TV. And I didn't even WATCH the show, but I'm pretty sure my opinions would stand. I have expectations of what ECW should be like; a professional wrestling brand that offers a true shoot-style alternative to the cartoonish sports-entertainment garbage that had plagued primetime television for the past four years. This would have been the perfect opportunity to get fans who had been out of touch and long disinterested to get their groove back, but like the Invasion angle in 2001, they blew it... BIG TIME.

A week later, the second ECW show aired. From what I heard, it was better than the first show. Still, a show which is supposed to be ECW, but clearly spotlights four WWE guys? My case still stands at this point, although it may change as the show continues to improve or falter.

And guys PLEASE decide on a name. ECW Wrestlers, ECW Rebels, ECW Extremists... PICK A FUCKING NAME AND STICK WITH IT!

(They eventually went with ECW Superstars. Meh.)

Let's change gears, shall we?

Four years ago, I had a quick blurb concerning the 2002 World Cup tournament. This year, I've decided to be a little more in-depth.

So ever since the Euro 2004 tourney, I've had a passing interest in soccer happenings. Not a die-hard fanatic or anything, but a passive observer. So a couple weeks back, around the same night as the ECW PPV, I see a great qualifying match between Mexico and Iran, which ended in a 3-1 victory for Mexico. Nice little game that went on... great appetizer for the upcoming Portugal/Angola match that would air. The actual game featuring my motherland, though, was less than that. After landing a goal within four minutes of the game, Portugal did absolutely nothing to score again; they seem content to slack off and make sure the other team didn't get a goal in. Certainly not the makings of a game featuring two teams that care enough about a prestigious championship.

The big deal is that thanks to their victory over Iran, Portugal has qualified in the round of 16. And they've certainly played better than before (although their defensive game could still use some work). While I haven't seen the Portugal/Mexico game (damn you, work!), I have heard a good game was played there. So now that Portugal's in, the thought process is floating as to whether I should throw another ticker up to represent their progress.

Oh well, nothing...

So last Tuesday, I went to a Adobe InDesign seminar. A little nerve-racking considering the amount of professionals in the area, but I thought it went rather well. These shows are often a good indication of what's coming up in the industry and I was glad to have been a part of it. On the bright side, I had a plate of sushi at intermission and didn't feel sick... though to be honest, it's not a delicacy experience I'd want to revisit anytime soon.

There has been some concern about site operations here... actually, there's been a concern of actual web presence in general. I have been active on the net as of late, but not enough to actually update some of my own stuff.

Fortunately, that should change over the course of the next month. Starting in August, there will be a new site layout (mostly in terms of aestetics - the functionality of the site will mostly remain the same). Going along with the new layout is the workings of a new updating system that will ensure greater content being seen or produced for the site. These new updates might leak through over the course of the next month. Stay tuned here or on the blog for more details.

So that's it for the grand experiment of this second entry. Here's hoping that the next update (which will be sometime next month) will have just as many meaty entries involved.


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