Saturday, May 6, 2006

The New Star Trek Movie... from the guy who brought you Felicity

JJ Abrams, creator of such hit shows like Lost, Alias, and even that Felicity show, is going to produce and possibly direct the next Star Trek movie. Thing is this movie isn't coming out for another year (or more), no concrete details as to its plot has leaked, and yet people are thinking it's gonna be about young Kirk and young Spock blah blah blah...

People either love the idea or they hate it. Either they love the prospect of these guys back on screen in a fresh new light or they only want the older guys back replaying their roles one final time. My thoughts are pretty clean cut. Who cares about young Kirk? Who cares about young Spock? Who cares about these characters coming back for one last hurrah only to get disappointed even further by their final outing?

Yes, these guys are iconic characters, but it's time to move on. Shatner's doing just fine... and so is Nimoy. They've seemed to move on, why can't everyone else? Kirk's death may seem retarded to some people, but then again, it's the passing of the torch. His time has come and pass... it's time for a new gen to continue onward.

This has been a useless post.

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