Tuesday, April 18, 2006

RAW (Apr. 17th, 2006)

So yeah, the recent episode of RAW has left me offended. No, it's not due to the Photoshop pictures of McMahon in famous religious works of art (although to be honest, I don't think they're trying anymore). Nor is it the starting up of his own religion (which will last for a few weeks when people realize there won't be a martyr involved to legitimize the whole thing - nice try, Vince, but if your bodybuilding fed and your football league went down the crapper, a new religion isn't going to be any more successful.) So what offended me on RAW?

The cheap pyro-effects... because if God doesn't give you a sign, you make one up. Unfortunately, the effects used were so un-God like. If you really wanted God-like effects, I would dare you to blow up the ring (not shoot a few bolts and have it collapse... I mean have it really EXPLODE!). But you won't do that and for that... well, hard to say really.

Okay, I did my completely random rant of the morning.

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