Monday, April 24, 2006

DTM BLOG Classics #22: So yeah...

So yeah, this is a collection of random thoughts that were spread out over several posts and have been consolidated to a single one.

So yeah, a pretty uneventful weekend happened and thus there isn't much to discuss. This post is mostly some thoughts on paper.

So, yeah, as stated, nothing of note really happened over the weekend. Nothing unexpected. On the other hand, I DID manage to get a clean-up of my abode. Which should count for something, but doesn't.

So yeah, this happened and that happened and this and that... in short, pretty uneventful. Of course, I did manage to fill up my Collection screen of DOA2U to the point where I need to pick up the SEQUEL and play it in order to attain the other extra character. Kind of hard to do when DOA3 is nigh-impossible to find these days. Guess I'll have to rent the blasted thing.

So yeah, have you noticed most of the recent Castlevania titles are similar? Dawn OF Sorrow. Aria OF Sorrow. Curse OF Darkness. And now, the upcoming game Portrait OF Ruin. It's always This OF That or That OF This. Whatever happened to simpler titles like Simon's Quest or Dracula's Curse?

So yeah, speaking of Castlevania... you'll be saddened to know that the fanfic I'm writing is currently on Hold. Simply put, I'm putting that aside for other things... but at least it won't get cancelled.

So yeah, for anyone wondering, I have yet to catch the recent iteration of Power Rangers. For some reason, the show doesn't quite attract me as much as previous seasons. Or maybe I'm just annoyed that this is the fourth time kids have superpowers... BEFORE they morph into the Ranger form. Damn you, Disney. Whatever happened to clean-cut martial arts like in the old days? It's over and done now. If this were Saban, that style might still have been in. But it's Disney and Disney requires kids to have super-powers, which is a damn shame... or maybe I've just become bitter over the direction the franchise has taken ever since SPD tuned me out completely. Could fanfiction be the only logical direction for me to follow the franchise? Only if I write my own or find a good one that doesn't involve two characters who broke up and miraculously end up together...

So yeah, that was the longest bit in this section and I apologize for it. Truth is that even though I'm awake and drinking coffee in the morning, I'm stick damn tired. Maybe a shower'll work.

So yeah, I've managed to check out some RAW spoilers, but for the sake of sanctity, I will not be posting them here. Suffice it to say, I've got all the ammo I need for the Godly Wrestling Angle... expect it Friday or sometime during the PPV.

So yeah, on second thought, I will spoil RAW: GOD DOES NOT SHOW UP. You're welcome.

So yeah, while we're on the wrestling kick for a while, McWrestling is planning on bringing back ECW as a full-time promotion, mostly likely taking over some developmental promotion they have. That would have been a good idea... if it wasn't for the fact that ECW matches would be taped before RAW or Smackdown tapings begin. In other words, rather than invest in a third day of TV tapings at a smaller venue, you're going to have ECW matches in larger venues, thus defeating the purpose of recreating the feel of ECW... now impossible since ECW has never been in a huge-ass arena of no more than five to six thousand people at most.

So yeah, what the hell are these people thinking? On one hand, it'll be a good opportunity to check out new talent, as ECW was a good breeding ground for fresh talent before they were swapped by the WWF and WCW. On the other hand, the huge crowds who are accustomed to the plodding style of WWE will boo the shit out of these guys simply because it's not WWE-style. Yeah, I'm starting to sound like a "smart fan" or "smark" as the lingo goes, but you have to admit that a part of this has some merit.

So yeah, that was the longest bit in this section and I apologize for it. Truth is that even though I'm awake and drinking coffee in the morning, I'm stick damn tired. Maybe a shower'll work. And the worst thing is that this paragraph has already been mentioned earlier and I've made no effort to change it so it somewhat doesn't resemble an older paragraph.

So yeah, digging through some digital files that have been hanging around my hard disc and archive CDs, I've recently uncovered some files containing my old Bite commentaries. I've read some of them and they seem to give me mixed feelings. Either I feel I was really bitter or I wasn't bitter enough. For anyone who might care, I'll probably post these back up again. It might be here or it might be at the Webstation... who knows?

So yeah, you know something? I might put those up on the good ol' WS after all... in fact, I might have found my weekly update for the site. Thanks for the stroke of inspiration that I so desperately needed but didn't get.

So yeah, if you go to any venerable video gaming website, you'll probably hear that Nintendo has renamed their "Revolution" console to... Wii.

Wii as in we.

Wii as in wee.

And you thought WWE was uninspired.

So yeah... that's it I guess. I'll be taking that shower now.

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