Tuesday, April 25, 2006

DOAM Trailer

Originally posted on November 24th 2005:

Someone had managed to get a copy of the teaser trailer for the Dead or Alive movie, based on the series of fighting games featuring big-boobed women. All I can say is... WTF Indeed!

Just a few minutes ago, I caught a glimpse of the teaser for the movie again. Of course, now that I've shed my DOA virginity, I can comment on it a little more clearly... it's still gonna suck and I don't need any experience other than the game's bouncing boobs to see that. Not that it doesn't follow the game story or anything, but it just looks like a poor man's Charlie's Angels... with worse actors.

Another bit of info I recently realized as I researched this thing: Kevin Nash plays Bass Armstrong here, the pro-wrestler daddy to Tina, one of the bouncing-boobs in the game. If the two ever collide in the movie, Tina doesn't have to worry because Nash will probably tear a quad trying to act.

If you don't get the reference, it's a wrestling thing.

So I've said it before: WTF indeed.

On a sidenote, apparently people are disappointed that Silent Hill is a subpar movie despite the kick-ass trailer. Welcome to the wonderful world of media hype.

Later, kids.

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