Friday, March 31, 2006

DTM BLOG Classics #19: The End Of DTM Webstation (Take 1)

2000-2006: The Silent Revolution Is Over and Other Stories

Some of you may be wondering where the Webstation (my other site) is. Well, right now, it's floating in limbo and will be there indefinitely.

For those who haven't read the past couple posts, the site was down for the past weekend... the usual weekend shortage that FWP usually has. Coming in on Monday, I noticed that the site was missing altogether. Tried logging in, but kept getting an error. Which probably meant my account got deleted... which was my first thought. Certainly took them long enough, but as before, I didn't know why.

So last night, I've sent an email to FWP... or more accurately, used their contact form to ask about my little problem concerning the Webstation. As of this posting, I've yet to get a response. Unfortunately, that probability is getting less likely. If they do decide to give me a reply, great - I'll just let anyone who cares know about it. If they don't, then great too. I'm not going to break my head over it.

So it's with a heavy burden that I formally announce the indefinite hiatus of the DTM Webstation... oh yeah, you can feel the lack of sorrow in the air. The site has been down before due to constant revisions, server shortages, and other minor difficulties and it's been back better than before. This time... that possibility is less likely. Now if there's a chance and opportunity to get the site up, then the transition would be quick - I already had the site ready to go when this series of stupidity began. But that's if the chance comes.

Now, there are those who speak ill-will against the Tripod service - no doubt I've been pretty rough on Tripod a couple years back when I decided to move WS to another free service, but for the most part, I think the service is pretty good. In fact, when this site had been blocked off and I sent them a query, they were quick to respond and things were rectified rather quickly. And considering some of the stuff I posted on this blog, I'm actually thankful to Tripod for being a stable service.

Having said that, the possibility of bringing WS back to a tripod space is impossible. The site has grown designwise from the simplistic text-only site to what it has become in recent years. And while Tripod has been good, the overload of banners would only hinder the design (which was my main reason for moving to begin with). In fact, from my standpoint, the only possible step for the WS would be to either find a free service offering similar features to FWP or to upgrade to a paid format (to which I neither have the desire nor the resources to put up with). So it's been decided that I suspend the project until I can figure out what to do next.

So now that the Webstation is gone (for now), what becomes of the DTM world? Well, there's Smokeranger's Domain (now called Reflex Blueranger's Domain), which will host most of my fanfiction and original fiction. There's that other space that hasn't seen much use but will probably serve as a personal space. And of course, there's the DTM Blog, which will be getting a few extra features to put in. So it's not all that bad.

It's been a fun ride these past six years, but all good things eventually has to come to an end. But it doesn't have end yet...

And so with that sad state of affairs out of the way, it's time to do some site updates... which I should change the name to or something:

The second part of Ramblemania, my brief review on the past 21 Wrestlemanias, should be up sometime tonight. And tomorrow, I might post predictions for the SNME show that's airing. If you haven't read the first part, just browse through the wrestling posts until you find it. A link system will be imposed sometime in the future.

I was going to declare my intentions to repost some old reviews, but FWP put the kibosh on that plan. I'll probably think something up and let you know what happens. In the meantime, you can always go to the usual places for reviews... once I get those links up.

As of yet, I have not seen any episodes of the new Mystic Force Power Rangers show. I might catch an episode of it before I make comment. Suffice it to say, SPD has left a sore taste in my mouth that has made me hesitant of giving Bruce Kalish's second venture a look. Once I get a shot at it, I'll post some of my thoughts here.

I should be finishing the final chapters of the Will To Live fic this weekend, thus putting an end to the storyline. The Castlevania fic may be on the sidelines for a bit while I get up to speed with a few other projects (specifically, the Evilution duology, a planned Zeo 10th Anniversary fic, and a couple original projects) but should be finished before the summer hits.

As for the Blog itself, I'm currently thinking of some extras to put on here. Currently under wraps because it's not set in stone. But I'll let you know.

Well, that was a plateful full of stuff, wasn't it? Granted, I had wished the Webstation thing wouldn't have come to an end, but all it really means is more free time on other stuff. So for those who have visited the site over the years, my thanks to you. Thanks to Tripod for hosting it in its infamy and thanks to FWP for hosting it later on and I firmly hope that things get resolved soon.

As for the rest of you crazy people, I end this the same way I end many posts...


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