Friday, May 14, 2021

AEW Dynamite (May 12, 2021): Stuff Happens, I Guess

Disclaimer: Shaq does not appear on this edition of AEW Dynamite. Shaq's face does match my own reaction after watching this episode.

Well, it's the week after le Blued And Goots show... and it's time for another episode of Dynamite; perhaps one of the more baffling episodes of Dynamite yet.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

They Drew First Shot, Not Me

Got my first shot tonight.
All's well, so far.
We're past the first hurdle.
Second one before I turn 40.

Yeah, that's all I got.

An Announcement Tease To Tease An Announcement Tease

You know... I pulled out my old tablet that came with a keyboard for the first time in a long while. And I've been typing shit during my breaks and I have this rather lengthy update post typed out when suddenly, things go whack and I lose my stuff.

Moral of the story; save often and don't rely on wireless connections with spotty connecting histories such as this thing I'm using.

Other than that, however, it's been smooth sailing thus far. Managed a couple reserve bits and bobs for the future and I've been teasing a new approach that I want to apply towards the web content. I'd share it here, but I'm afraid things might go the way o the crapper. So, I will advise anyone wondering about the future of this blog to check in Sunday and listen to the next episode of the DTM-Cast where I will begin the episode by addressing the state of the blog.

In the meantime, there might be a review up this week. There might be a PPV musings of some kind coming... that's all I can muster up for now.


Monday, May 10, 2021


This dog is more entertaining than SNL.

Sometimes, I wish I hadn't gotten rid of the old WTF label... because this would certainly qualify.

So a couple folks I used to associate with before everything went to shit had asked (via e-mail) if I had seen the SNL skit with rich dude Elon Musk. I told them that I hadn't watched a single bit of SNL since Will Ferrell stopped doing those Celebrity Jeopardy skits ages ago... for those wanting a timeline, that was a long ass time ago.

So I ask them what the fuck they're talking about and they sent me this link to a Youtube video (which I am not providing here; chances are you've already saw it and if you haven't, then consider yourself extremely fortunate) that features Elon Musk dressed in a Wario costume in court. My first response would be to ask if Nintendo sent a cease-and-desist to NBC for this blatant infringement on their intellectual property.

So I watched the clip in question... I kinda wish I hadn't.

I don't regularly watch late-night comedy shows; usually I make a point of it whenever someone is making an appearance there. And even on that point, it's a genuine struggle to stay through the whole show and watch a series of really bad skits that aren't funny. And this was twenty years ago.

I watch a clip like this and I find myself wondering how things have gotten so bad that this comedy bits make the worst Irate Gamer comedy seem like Carlin in comparison. I've seen old Nostalgia Critic skits from a DECADE ago that are funnier than this and that's not exactly high praise, either. I mean, it's amazing that they got these performers in these accurate-looking costumes, including one who is a billionaire dude of sorts, and produce the absolute worst dreck imaginable... actually, now that I think about it, I can imagine far worse dreck and this doesn't come close to scratching that particular surface.

How is it that I watch something so inane and yet I'm able to type out a couple short paragraphs out of this? Is this really that bad?

And so, after watching the clip, I e-mail the fellow back and let them know my feelings... and I will just end it there.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Review #795 - Block Hole (Switch)

Otherwise known as Quarth.

AEW Dynamite (May 5th, 2021): Blood & Guts... & Commercials... & MOAR Commercials

It's the Blood & Guts musings... and this time, I've seen the whole show and have had more time to reflect on the match... also, I noticed Jericho's been cut off... oops.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2021

You know... I ought to be talking about Blood & Guts. But... tomorrow.

In the meantime, we've got Rebellion from two weeks ago; the biggest show of the year for Impact Wrestling featuring the biggest match in the history of the wrestling business, a once-in-a-lifetime moment that seldom gets witnessed by wrestling fans around the world and of all ages. I am, of course, referring to the highly anticipated match-up between Brian Myers and Matt Cardonas.

Oh... and Kenny Omega defends his title against some jobber who is also TNA World Champion or something.

So, for the second time this year, I'm taking time to watch an Impact Wrestling PPV and with a big time hook like Myers vs. Cardonas (or, you know, the other thing) as a big hook, I'm fairly certain this show is going to do big PPV numbers... by TNA standards, at least.

Aw, let's forget that noise and revisit the show, which I will admit only saw the replay this past weekend as I had better things to do on the night of the show. No doubt Don Callis is losing no sleep over this revelation. Also, not much to say in general, so forgive the somewhat skimmy nature of these musings.

DTM-Cast: Episode #171

Click on the image above to download the MP3.

Quick morning-ridden edition of the DTM-Cast rambling about the Blood & Guts match... and maybe dabble a bit on the Daniel Bryan Danielson contract thing.

Proper episode is due May 16th and will be a Q&A episode. Some audio has been recorded, but I'm open for more questions. Use the side bar gimmick or email to submit questions and they'll be used for this or future Q&As if need be.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

GUEST VIDEO - Game Builder Garage (Switch) Trailer

From the people that brought you Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 comes another Game maker thing for Switch. I'm actually somewhat intrigued by this... comes out in June. Looking forward to it... or should I say backwards?

GUEST VIDEO - Every Jon Moxley US Title Bout In New Japan

From the New Japan Youtube channel, all the Jon Moxley US title defenses thus far. It's good stuff, so check it out and maybe tomorrow, we'll have proper content.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The "Rise" of Skywalker... Oy

So, it's been a while since we touched on Star Wars, hasn't it? 

Assuming you skip out on any video reviews I might have uploaded along the way, I think I might've touched on anything related to the long-running franchise only a handful of times in the past year. And yes, outside of the video games that I've gotten along the way, I have not touched much of Star Wars as of late. But since we're talking about Star Wars today, I'd imagine most people would've expected something on the Mandalorian or one of the new upcoming series or maybe there's a new video game that I'm not playing and choosing to ignore.

Instead, I'm going to talk about The "Rise" Of Skywalker.

Note the quotations around the word "rise" and that one image of Mark Hamill looking stern - the same one used for my piece of The Last Jedi a couple years back - and think about that for a couple seconds before realizing that you have me all figured out. Then question where you're resigned with that thought and are left to either move on to something or click the break to learn more and perhaps be amazed by what the actual thought process is.

Ready to go?

Sunday, April 25, 2021


(Yeah, I'm re-using the same banner as last year's event. Sure, why not? They only made one Hard To Kill movie... I jinxed it, didn't I?)

For the first time in a good long time, history will be made over at the promotion formerly known as TNA, as Impact Wrestling presents their Rebellion PPV that will feature the title vs. title match between reigning Impact World Champion Rich Swann and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in what I'm sure will be a classic match with a very obvious ending.

Not sure if I'll be catching the PPV tonight - depends if stuff doesn't come up - but I figured what better way to preface this undoubtedly overhyped PPV event from a live TNA house show (a.k.a. empty arena with piped in crowd noise... which is better than the Thunderdome to be honest) than to post my thoughts on the first Impact PPV of the year, which kicked things off with a bang, featuring what may very well be the biggest match in the history of the promotion.

I am, of course, referring to the masterpiece that is ETHAN PAGE vs. THE KARATE MAN! In a match TO THE DEATH where SOMEBODY ACTUALLY DIES!

Oh, and there's a six-man main event featuring AEW World Champion Kenny Omega... but who cares about the jobber? What's gonna happen with THE KARATE MAN?!

Let's jump in, shall we?

Saturday, April 24, 2021

AEW Dynamite (April 21st, 2021): A Good Problem To Have

To tell you the truth, I've got very little to say about this episode. I thought it was a fun show that passed by quickly, even with the big ol' slog that was the QT Marshall vs. Billy Club Of The Gunn Club Club. To put it simply, there were a couple quality promo bits from the two groups partaking in that Blood & Guts match in a couple weeks and next week's show is supposed to lay down the rules that will either confirm or denounce everyone's suspicions that this is the AEW take on Wargames, a fun main event that saw Darby Allin retain the TNT title over Jungle Jack Boy Perry., and there was an Elite segment interrupted by Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston ramming a truck into the Elite trailer, with the Elite pulling a disappearing act that seemed baffling due to the awkward editing, but could be explained away with a simple "they got away quickly" or a less simple "misdirection" angle.

As far as the women's match is concerned? Good stuff, with Shida retaining the Women's title over Tay Conti in a fierce match. Conti is something of a hot thing at the moment and chatter online would argue that this was her time to get a big win and possibly a run with the title. And while I wouldn't have minded that since Conti is pretty good for someone of her skill level and is popular enough to warrant a title run, the fact of the matter is that this wasn't her time, regardless of her popularity. As it is, the person most likely to unseat Shida would be Britt Baker and I feel like having Conti win the title here, only to lose it to Britt a couple weeks later would be doing everyone a disservice.

Like I said, not a whole lot to say about this one.