Video Special Archive

Every so often, Dave likes to do big "video specials" of compilations and other assorted stuff. Such things, referred to as "shows" for some reason, are featured here for easy and convenient browsing.

SPECIAL NOTE: This page is due for a major overhaul in the near future.

Video Bite - May 21, 2010
My first attempt at a video commentary. Video Bite is a derivative of my old series of text commentary rambles called The Bite that I would host from my old webspace. It's not particularly good all things considered, but it is a starting point.

NES Clone Comparison 2012
Uploaded and compiled in February 2012, this video documents, showcases, and compares the various available NES clone systems to each other in one 20-minute video documentation. Don't ask for an updated version, because all but a couple of these clones have found new homes since then.

The Twisted Realm Of DTM Presents - The 1000th Blog Post Video Special
On Friday, July 20, 2012, The Twisted Realm Of DTM posted its 1000th blog post - a feat that had been achieved by its predecessor, the original DTM Blog, a few years prior. Unlike the older blog, Twisted Realm decided to celebrate the occasion with a forty-minute video special that comprised several recycled bits, a couple reviews that were reposted on YouTube, and the usual, so-called signature rambling rambles. Sure, it wasn't a momentous show or anything, but at least it wasn't as long as RAW 1000 a couple days later.

The Twisted Realm Of DTM Presents - Febturday Bites
Another forty minute cavalcade of tear-stricken, depressing excitement posted on February 24, 2013. Featuring (mostly) brand-new, never-before-seen content exclusive to this video... and by exclusive, we mean "wait a couple months before it hits YouTube."

The Twisted Realm of DTM Presents - The Fools Of April
Mainly a gathering of April Fools videos posted in 2013 compiled into a single video for the Dailymotion crowd.

The Twisted Realm Of DTM Presents - See No Kane
Posted May 19, 2013. A self-contained WWE '13 (Wii) story creation featuring two matches, a video review, and a couple short clips.

Terrible NES Games Review: Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom
Youtuber Eric Turner (a.k.a. Ericmansuper) did a wonderful three-part review/walkthrough of the woefully divisive Indiana Jones game for NES. All I did was assemble all three parts into one video for easy viewing. An excellent video that holds up years after its upload.

The Twisted Realm Of DTM Presents - The MAME Event
Posted August 17, 2013. I play games on MAME. I ramble over them... fun be had, I suppose.

December 2013 Dailymotion Daily Haul
A video a day for the month of December 2013. Click the link for the full playlist.

Super Game Entertainment System (SNES Clone System)
Posted in June 2018, this Super NES clone system