Thursday, August 8, 2019

Quick Liner Notes

A couple quick updates to mention:

- In celebration of Review A Bad Game Day, the Post Of The Week now features the long-lost Deadly Towers review that has been uploaded onto Dailymotion. To make it easier for navigation and also future reference, it's been dated April 13th, 2013. This retroactively kills the joke reviews as part of the review canon - the other hole needing to be filled is the Action 52 review recorded around that time. As for this year's contribution... stay tuned. It'll be up later this afternoon.

- The WWE Network redesign has been something of a sore spot for most people and unfortunately, I have been having issues with trying to log in. Until these issues are resolved, I'm afraid that I'll have to put off finishing the remaining Summerslam write-ups and probably won't even be able to catch Summerslam this Sunday... which might not seem that big a deal, but still. On the bright side, I do have some write-ups prepped and scheduled for next week, going up to about 2006-ish. Everything else will be hold until further notice.

- Don't get too excited, folks... but there's a Sunday Gimmick Table due in the near future. Could be this Sunday, could be next Sunday. In either case, it'll be tremendously disappointing.

That's it... later.

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