Sunday, August 18, 2019

Busy August Means More Downtime On The Blog

So without going into too much detail, August is turning out to be a pretty busy month, as what was supposed to be an otherwise quiet time has resulted in my time being precious with a variety of real life things... none of it bad, I assure you. Because of this, I haven't been able to work on anything as of late and that means a month that is light on the updates. So if this whole week goes by without updates, then so be it.

Fortunately, the following week is going to be significantly more content. The remaining Summerslam write-ups have been polished up and will be posted that week; a challenging endeavor considering the wretched state of the new WWE Network, but fortunately, some of these shows I have on DVD-R from ages ago, so they were easy re-watches. And of course, that will culminate on musings for the most recent Summerslam event, which I thought was significantly better fare than I've bore witness to from WWE this year.

With that in mind, the 100th episode of the DTM-Cast is still on for Sunday, September 1st. It is going to cover several topics that took place this past month, including a couple items touched upon in this here blog. And maybe we'll sneak in a Q&A for good measure. There will be no pick-ups for this month (no time for pick-ups), but the usual Wily Challenge videos will be posted for the moment and there might be a couple reviews here and there.

So don't fret, everyone. It's a down time for now, but things will eventually pick up after a while.

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