Saturday, June 15, 2019

State Of The Blog: Countdowns And Anniverses

So the countdown that was supposed to terminate on September 15th has been extended to 2020. This is done because, ideally, I'd like the post count to hit 5000 total posts before the year is up and the end draws near. This is about as far as I'm going to elaborate on in terms of the endgame.

With that in mind, September 15th is going to home to something special and I do intend on celebrating the fact that this blog hits its tenth year of operation. I'm not quite sure what that entails, but I will keep you posted when I think of something.

I've uploaded two new Mega Man Maker levels to my account and will follow up with sample videos of each one. There's a possibility that, somewhere down the line, I'll be taking down the lowly rated levels and replacing them with new material. Maybe they'll be back... maybe it'll be something else. I do know one thing: Marathonman is seemingly dead and buried. Nobody likes him... and quite frankly, I can understand why.

I'm also putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's Sunday Gimmick Table offering, which will cover something I've teased on the blog a while ago and even previewed the item in question. I've got another one in mind, but we'll save that for down the road.

Speaking of which, no pick-ups this month. I've bought one item that might get its own spotlight, but beyond that, it's been slim pickings and it doesn't look like I'll be going for anything beyond the occasional Steam or GOG purchase along the way. Fine by me, I suppose. I don't need to have something worth mentioning in a video. And if nothing else, it'll give me a chance to put together a catalog of collection videos, in case anyone gives a damn about such things.

As for reviews... I've got some in the works. There's even one due next Sunday... but shhh... it's a secret... or not.

That's about it for now... later.

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