Thursday, June 20, 2019

Next Week Is... Something Resembling A Week

But that's not important.

So next week, I'll be posting a whole bunch of reviews... which will conclude the daily posting cycle that was supposed to end this weekend, but it won't because this is going to be a daily thing. Once that's done, we'll be over and done with as far daily posts are concerned. I'll dive more into the details what's going on with the blog on the next DTM-Cast this next coming Sunday (which will also include a brief snippet of Q&A... about ten questions.)

I've been planning on a couple reviews to get ready for this week, but technical issues have prevented those from materializing. I feel really bad about this, especially considering that I've mentioned trying to stick to a schedule and I hadn't even done that due to a bunch of stuff happening on the outside. I do apologize for that and will hopefully iron things out in the future... this is a hobby at the end of the day, but it's also something that keeps me sane and focused at times... which is not the most inspiring way of looking at things, but regardless...

Oh, on a side note, you'll note that links in the various hub pages above will more than likely be broken. I've been doing some behind the scenes reshuffling of stuff and this will undoubtably result in a mess being made. Again, more details to come on the DTM-Cast this next Sunday, which will be lower key than usual.

That's about it for now. Later.

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