Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Quick Notes

A quick update going forward:

- Video reviews will resume this Friday and will follow a Tuesday-Friday upload schedule. So ideally, we should be getting two reviews a week. 

- Tomorrow's classic musings was supposed to be the Hardcore Justice show from 2010, but then the Holy Grail dropped on the WWE Network and that takes precedence. So I'll be sharing my thoughts on that particular show, while the TNA-produced ECW rape show will be pushed back one week.

- Power Rangers Reflections will return next Friday with a bi-weekly schedule for a short while. Right now, I'm mostly working on backlog for the back end of 2019, where I hope to maintain a weekly upload schedule. More on this as it's available.

- This Sunday will see not only a new DTM-Cast episode, but also the See No Kane 2 Dailymotion special. The latter is mostly a WWE '13 Storyline Creator production that also has a couple extra bits tossed in for good measure.

- No Mega Man Maker upload this weekend. Instead, we'll get something else.

That's it for now. Bye.

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