Wednesday, April 17, 2019

4165 - Coming Plans And Things Of That Nature..

So, this Easter weekend will be packed with stuff, mostly due to the fact that other stuff came up and plans will go awry as a result. A couple reviews up this weekend, which will bring the count up to 666. Contrary to what some people will undoubtedly perceive, this wasn't planned out. It just happened... and everyone can relax. It's just a number... it doesn't mean anything... except for maybe a hokey skit or two because what the hell do you do with SLOT MACHINE?

In other news, a new Sunday Gimmick Table in two weeks, which will also coincide with a new Pick-Ups video. And then maybe, somewhere along the way, I'll try and knock a DTM Rambles video or two out because they are long overdue.

A PR Reflections will be up this week, focusing on the three-parter Masked Rider infomercial disguised as an MMPR Season 3 premiere. Also, next week will see a couple write-ups: one on the NXT Takeover show, the most recent Black Label Pro show, and finally the long enough Ramblemania 35, which I should be able to finish this week and turn it into some semblance of a write-up.

And that's it, everyone.

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