Saturday, April 6, 2019

4145 - Mild Appearance Changes To The Site

"Why are you set on Jim Ross?"
"Because he's Jim Fucking Ross!"
-The Road To Double Or Nothing

So... I've taken the liberty of increasing the font size from 14px to 16px. It's only slightly bigger compared to what came before, but it should make the text easier to read. I've also updated the Wrestling Documents page to include the recent musings, including the two episodes I've watched last week... because those needed to be maintained for some reason.

It's entirely possible that last night's TNA Impact review is going to be the last wrestling game review and should end the cycle. Unless I somehow manage to finish off the RAW 2 review and get it up tonight, the likelihood is that the next batch of reviews to hit will be the Review A Great Game Week stuff, which should give us FIVE reviews of great games.

Of course, the Youtube audience will be getting all the wrestling game reviews tomorrow up to that point, which means more subsequent stuff after the fact.

By the way, for those keeping track of blog post numbers and things that shouldn't really matter in anyone's life, this week saw the number of tagged video game posts hit the quadruple digits. I'm not sure if there's a reward for such a feat, but honestly, I don't care. My brain hurts.


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