Monday, March 11, 2019

4101 - This Week's Wares (Updated)

So I'm going to do you folks a solid and not bombard you with fifty billion posts per day. In any event, here's a quick rundown of this week's wares.

Tuesday, March 12:
A Special Musings...

Wednesday, March 13:
Classic Wrestling Musings: WWF Fully Loaded 2000

Thursday, March 14:
Review #648 - Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

Friday, March 15:Slideshow Movie Reviews - Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
Review #649: Fatal Fury: First Contact (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

Saturday, March 16:
Wrestling Musings: WWE Fastlane 2019

I'm currently watching the first chunk of Fastlane and it'll probably take me a couple days to sit through, but I should have a musings of sorts. Thursday will see a movie review, but I don't know what yet. And then, if all goes well, #650 and possibly a Ramble video should be up in the following week. Anyway, we'll see how this goes.

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