Saturday, February 23, 2019

4059 - I Have a HUGE Announcement... not really, but news regardless.

'Tis the week of HUGE announcements from the Dubya-See-Dubya front.

205 Live's HUGE announcement... is a tournament for a Cruiserweight title match at the Wrestlemania pre-show. NXT's HUGE announcement... is a tag-team tournament that ultimately means nothing in the long run aside from someone winning a trophy. Man, it's almost like Dixie Carter is running WWE all of a sudden.

But in any event, I, too, have a HUGE announcement... and it is a tournament between multiple OH FUCK OFF.

Anyway, from March 31st to April 6th - otherwise known as the week before Wrestlemania 35 - we'll have six days of wrestling game reviews. I say six and not seven because one of those days is April 1st... and you know what that means.

Not only will there be SEVEN DAYS OF RASSLIN' GAME REVIEWS... but April 8th is Review A Great Game Day... and I decided to celebrate the occasion with a review on April 8th, 2019... and the four days afterwards.

That's right, kids. Two weeks will see TWELVE GAME REVIEWS... or perhaps more?

So yeah, not quite a HUGE announcement... but still a big festive thing regardless.

Well, since I have your attention, I've got some other blog updates to inform you about.

- Tomorrow will see not only the next episode of the DTM-Cast being up and running, but also the Pixel Player overview video that will be presented under the Sunday Gimmick Table banner. I've done some rendering tests here and there and am pleased to say that the video will be uploaded on nice, semi-crisp 1080p... which means nothing on a system that outputs on cheap composite A/V cables and ripped from DVD-R. It's the thought that counts, at least.

- There will be a DTM House Show incoming next month. Whether it'd be next week or the week after is an entirely different matter, but it'll be something. I was planning on doing a quickie Robotron 64 play session, but decided that Mega Maker thing hasn't had enough love, so that'll be a show. Not sure if there will be a Mega Man Maker Wily Challenge done tonight, but we'll see.

- Power Rangers Reflections will be making its return in two weeks and will resume its bi-weekly schedule for a few months. The first entry on the docket? Time For Lightspeed, the one crossover episode between Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force. Some of these entries might adopt a slightly looser, less-detailed format.

Other than that, all is well on the blog front.

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