Monday, February 11, 2019

4033 - About The Missing Posts...

For those inquiring about the missing posts from the blog - i.e. one of the many posts that have been reverted to draft to replace the broken old content with more timeless new content or timely old content that hasn't been published - some of the stuff has been published; mostly minor bits here and there. However, the bulk of the posts won't be up and running until March at the earliest.

While most of it is ready, it's been suggested that I hold off the mass publication until I catalog said posts so that when I need to link these in the subsequent pages, I'll know where to look. I get that they're old posts and they shouldn't contain anything important, but all the same, there is some good stuff in there that I'd like people to check out, so I'm holding off until March to republish everything.

However, it's not all bad. According to the blogger stats, I've whittled down the draft posts to less than 90, which is a fairly smaller number than the 160+ that I had previously. And while a lot of the posts have been replaced with quick little blurbs or gallery items, there are some noteworthy additions.

- All the August 2015 posts are now active, which means the 100 Post Challenge is fully intact. Where there were individual "Lost Review" uploads are now a number of archive videos, review compilations, and even a couple written posts for those interested. A checklist of all items will eventually be added to the final post of the month.

- Several old DVD and book reviews have been added to the blog, including several WWE DVDs and novels (yes, novels) as well as a couple extra bits here and there.

So yeah, plenty of new/old stuff added to the blog for you to check out while the remaining drafts are in reserve. Like I said, March is the most likely those will be re-pubbed and most likely linked. By then, all the issues that I know about needing fixing will be fixed and with the new layout on hand, we'll be up and about. I guess.

Until then, enjoy the new stuff, posted daily!

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