Saturday, December 1, 2018

3907 - And With That, We Begin The December Daily Haul

So for the next thirty one days of the month, we begin the long and agonizing journey to finish the year on post #4000. That means a daily deluge of reviews, written bits, random videos, and other things that pop up to mind. After that, things will start to slow down a bit.

On the docket, we have close to thirty-ish reviews to be posted and previewed, ending with Mega Man 11 to close out the year. The review number is yet to be determined. I suppose it depends on where we end up.

On the Youtube front, you'll be getting all four Gretzky reviews on the same night, to be published every so often. And then Sunday at 12:30 A.M., we will have a premiere of Sunday Gimmick Table.

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