Sunday, November 4, 2018

Next Weekend's Wares

Another wave of videos are coming next weekend for both sides of the interwebs.

On the Youtube side (and eventually even the Dailymotion side), there will be THREE DTM Ramble videos. The first one up is an ATGames related thing, which should be up sooner than later.

On the Dailymotion side, the planned Nintendo-based reviews will be up and in a strange twist of fate, they're all based on the Puzzle League (or Tetris Attack) franchise, which makes them VERY EASY games to review since they're all pretty much the same thing and they're all very fun games. In terms of more "elaborate" reviews, such as the 2D Metroids and the redos of the SMB reviews, sooner or later, those will happen... but not right now.

Both sides will eventually get "samey" reviews sooner or later.

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