Monday, November 26, 2018

3894 - Wayne Gretzky's Week To Shine... Almost

So this week will see them Wayne Gretzky 3d Hockey games on N64 finally get the review treatment completed and uploaded, with the first one to be up tomorrow and the rest will be posted on Thursday and Friday. From there, we'll find some means of putting together a schedule that will see reviews on a near-daily basis, along with a couple other features I have in the works.

For anyone who has seen the very brief Pick-Up video posted a while ago, there will be a weekly Sunday Gimmick Table where I will showcase some random gimmick that I picked up. This will carry along the month of December and maybe if there's interest on both fronts - people like it and I actually find enough interesting gimmicks to make it worth maintaining - I'll probably bring it back as a semi-regular thing. We'll see, though.

Not much else to say here. Move along.

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