Sunday, October 28, 2018

3831 - Dailymotion Side Resolved For Double Whammy

So here's the scheduled list of videos for the Dailymotion side of the Double Whammy event. I wanted to make it all Nintendo-related game reviews (hence the reason for the ATGames stuff on Youtube), but time constraints and last minute changes made that impossible. So only a couple days will have Nintendo reviews (both puzzle games so there's a hint) while the rest of the days will see the return of Slideshow Movie Reviews, which will cover... well, I won't go that far.

For those wondering, the Nice Code Week and ATGames Stuff will eventually see the light on Dailymotion as compiled videos and there will also be a payoff to the ATGames stuff with a Ramble video next weekend. Because yes, those are still a thing even if there hasn't been enough of them lately.

Expect a couple more quicky updates before the day's over... but not on tonight's sports entertainment offering.

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