Friday, October 19, 2018

3815 - An Update On The Classic Wrestling Musings.

So, seeing that the next couple WWE PPV events are going to be a controversial Saudi show featuring Americans competing for a World Cup, an all-women PPV show that has no reason for me to care beyond pushing a brand that's already worn out its welcome faster than the whole #LOLDivasRevolution label did, and a lame duck Survivor Series show that seems to exist for the sole purpose of filling a date on a calendar, it looks like my wrestling musings are going to be relegated to classic Network viewings as well as the oddball indy show until next year's Royal Rumble comes along.

Still on the fence as to whether I'll be watching the NWA 70th Anniversary show this Sunday, though if worse comes to worse, I'll probably buy the replay and work from there if need be. I do want to re-up my subscription to catch the Alvarez/Marko Stunt match on the new Black Label Pro show, but we'll see on that front too.

In any event, Wednesdays will be seeing a bunch of Classic Shows (as well as one recent WWE show from the previous month) and in this regard, I can tell you that I've written (or am in the process of writing) enough of these shows to last up until the end of March. These will include some WCW Pay-Per-Views (primarily their Uncensored shows as well as their last 2001 PPV events), a couple AWA shows, and of course, January will see a deluge of Royal Rambles to fill the time. Even if the site takes a hiatus, there will be SOME content emerging from the ether.

And that about does it for my wrestling output this year. Unless something worthwhile comes along, I'll most likely be focusing on getting some back posts refurbished and published as well as getting the backlog up and running.

Should be fun.

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