Tuesday, October 16, 2018

3810 - Your Schedule For This Week

So I'm breaking from the usual TNA formula tomorrow to focus on a couple bits.

With Smackdown airing its 1000th episode tonight, I thought it appropriate to go back and revisit the pilot episode of Smackdown from WAY BACK in 1999, which I was able to catch back then via a special airing on TSN. So that'll be tomorrow's Classic Musings.

I'm going to DVR Smackdown 1000 and watch it somewhere down the line. No doubt there will be a write-up of some sort; whether it's the usual format or a bullet point format is dependent on how much I want to say about the show.

And I guess this gives me as good an excuse as any to finish that Smackdown 2 review that's been on the hard drive since forever.

Also, due to a recent health scare and some other bullshit that I'd rather not bring up since it's nothing serious, the Double Whammy week is being pushed back a week. So it'll be from October 29th to November 2nd.

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