Monday, October 8, 2018

3801 - Some Mild Site Fixes

Just quick background work notes:

- So the DTM-Cast page has been updated to include links to the last ten or so episodes, which includes the recent episodes as well as the few episodes of 2017 that I did before the series went on hiatus. You'll also note that there are four more dates added onto to the page for future episodes. These are temporary additions depending on whether I'm in the mood or have the time, but it does bode some promise that this is slowly making a comeback. In what form is an entirely different matter, but... you know, baby steps.

- Likewise, the Wrestling Musings page has been updated to include the recent additions to the line-up, including today's Super Slow-Down and the last couple Classic Musings. I've also taken the liberty to replace the old TNA predictions pages with "proper" write-ups... I don't say a whole lot and my reactions are extremely brief. The "quick results" entries stay for the moment... as I need some historical context to fall back and boy, I wasn't quite favorable towards Madison Rayne back in the day, was I? Was she really that bad?

- As far as reviews go... the next one should be up in a couple days.

And that's about it.

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