Monday, October 8, 2018

3798 - Decisions... Decisions...

The end of October and the beginning of November is going to be a tough call for me as far as wrestling material is concerned. On the one hand, there's that women's PPV featuring a bunch of women on there in a bunch of matches I don't care about... with the possible exception of perhaps the Kairi Sane/Shayna Bazler match that might not be enough incentive to sit through four hours of women's wrestling that I don't care about... thanks largely to the lack of incentive TO care about any of these women.

There's also the second WWE show from Saudi Arabia which promises an AJ Styles/Daniel Bryan Danielson match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which also might not be enough incentive to sit through an entire show that also comprises a Red Belt championship match that I don't care about as well as a tournament for a world cup WWE pulled out of their asses and thus have no real reason to care otherwise.

And then there's Bryan Alvarez attempting to wrestle a mop to a two-and-three-quarter star match at the upcoming Black Label Pro show, a promotion that I know little about and only saw one show they put on... but that was actually a pretty good show, so...

Also, there's that NWA 70th Anniversary show... which I'm actually quite intrigued by all things considered...

Decisions.... decisions...


On the flip side of things, I think I might stick with the shorter form DTM-Cast episodes for the rest of the year; the sole exception being possibly the Winners And Losers of 2018. Just as a bit of a bonus, I might do an additional episode recapping last year's Winners and Losers since I didn't do an episode last year and I figured it'd be nice to revisit this list with a fresh perspective. If nothing else, doing this now might provide some hints as to what to expect from this year's list.

Welp... that's all I got for now. Later.

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