Saturday, September 15, 2018

3742 - Director's Cuts, Hole Searching, And New Stuff... Oh dear.

A couple quick notes on blog updates

Yeah, so I went ahead and uploaded all the "Director's Cut" reviews that were posted on now defunct websites such as Vidme and Zippcast. They'll be featured on the blog tomorrow every couple hours, culminating in an eventual new review. This includes the Wrestlemania-related reviews as well as that one extended Super Legends review that I forgot was still a Zippcast thing until the whole "hole" filling thing. This does not in the slightest coincide with WWE's latest minor gimmick PPV event taking place tomorrow, which I discovered was a thing just a short while ago.

Speaking of holes, I'm just about done seeking out holes which are nearing about a little under 200 posts that need to be replaced with less time-sensitive stuff. I've got some ideas on what I'm going to fill them with; I just need time to execute said plan. I'd imagine the first six weeks of 2019 will be dedicated to this cause; though to be fair, I did give myself a bit of a headstart by reserving slots and event publishing some new material here and there.

Speaking of new material, there is new stuff coming soon... no set schedule, but there's new stuff coming. Eventually, I'd like for there to be a couple new pages so you can access the major stuff much more easily... but we'll wait on that count.

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