Monday, September 3, 2018

3718 - This Week's Wares

Last time I tried a "This Week's Wares", no videos were posted. This week will be different because all the videos are old and I only remember these were a thing.

This week is Nice Code Week over at YouTube land, where I look at five games by foreign games developer Nice Code. This is to make up for the lack of Review A Bad Game Day this past month and as such, you can take a guess as to the general quality of the games.

Nice Code Week is for the YouTube side of things. For the Dailymotion folks, you'll be getting the "proper" reviews later this week. They're all Nintendo games, so that's why we're going this route. Unlike the Nice Code stuff, they're all decent games... except for one.

All In is the subject of this week's Wednesday Wrestling Musings and to make a long story short, I enjoyed the show quite a bit. The fastest four hours of wrestling that I've sat through in a single sitting, which is already a step above the endurance tests that are WWE Network Specials.

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