Saturday, August 4, 2018

3682 - This Week's Wares (and a bit more)

So I needed a bit of a break. And last week was good enough time as any to take since the weather was actually nice and I got to do a bit of clean-up around the house. Still, we need to get things rolling on this end, so might as well get this show on some semblance of a road... after the break.

This coming week will see video uploads throughout the whole day.

Sunday: Pick-Ups #xx - July 2018
Monday: Review #598 - Mega Man Anniversary Collection (Xbox)
Tuesday: Review #599 - Blazing Lazers (Turbografx-16)
Wednesday: Review #600 - Gauntlet Legends (Playstation)
Thursday: TWO Slideshow Movie Reviews (to make up for the missing week)
Friday: Review #601 - ???
Saturday: DTM Rambles #18 - Catching Up

Now, the one caveat to this whole proceeding is that Wednesday is August 8th; the designated annual Review A Bad Game Day. Gauntlet Legends on Playstation might have issues, but it certainly isn't a bad game and I don't feel like wasting the 600 slot on a bad game. To tell the truth, I was in a bit of a pickle trying to pick a "bad" game to review and I don't want to go into something that seems really awful at first glance because that's usually a big mistake.

So in lieu of that, we'll be doing a Review A Bad Game Week towards the end of the month (refer to the previous post for the dates because I don't remember). The games I have in mind range from bad for certain reasons to the really horrible, horrible stuff. But I won't touch on that until I have something more substantial to touch on.

The DTM Rambles series will be making a return with a catch-up video, where I touch on a couple "recent" bits with a couple "quick" comments. I'm hoping to make this into a semi-regular thing for once and I've got a couple ideas that I wanted to touch on here. But let's not dwell too deep into this before I make promises I can't keep.

The Pixel Player Overview Project is moving forward. I just started dubbing some of the games, but it's still going to be a good long while before this thing sees fruition. Unlike the GoGamer portable, this is going to be a one-shot from the get-go. This will leave DM viewers (do those still exist?) in the dust, but don't worry. There's plenty of material for you guys somewhere down the line.

Now that we got video updates out of the way, let's talk text.

This week's Classic Wrestling Musing will be covering the American Wrestling Association's sole Pay-Per-View outing, Superclash III, and this will be followed by a Power Rangers Reflections Redux post on Friday that was intended for last week. For the record, there will be another PRRR next week before we resume the bi-weekly schedule. I don't know what's going up next week as far as the CWM is concerned, but I do know that I've got the next couple months covered as far as weekly material goes. Only have a couple holes to fill here and there.

As far as this year's Summerslam is concerned... outside of the WWE Championship match between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and the eventual Daniel Bryan/Miz match that's yet to be announced, this year's Summerslam is looking like a very hard pass on the live front. I may not even bother with the show unless I hear good things about it. Another Roman/Brock encounter is not enticing to me and as I've stated, I've long since given up on anything related to Roman Reigns, no matter how good I've heard the TV has been. None of the women matches are the least bit interesting... the whole show may feel like a pass in general. So, if that ends up being the case, I think I can cook up something else to watch and do a write-up on. Maybe that Takeover show the same weekend.

On to the background work of replacing old posts with new text material... some of the old posts are being filled with comic reviews on old issues from way back when. A good portion of these reviews will touch on the old Power Rangers comics from Hamilton, Marvel, and maybe even the Saban Powerhouse or whatever it was called back then. It'll be a nice way to bump up the PR-related count and maintain some timelessness to the posts.

Outside of that, who knows? There's a couple other bits I want to touch on, but I want to hold off on that until much, much later down the line.

Anyway, that's it for now. Later.

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