Tuesday, July 17, 2018

3657 - Fired Up My Old PSN Account & Update For Saturday

Apparently, I still have a Playstation account... and it has all my purchased PSP games in check. And turns out that most of those PSP games that I purchased are also good to go for PS3 if I decide to go in that direction. Just an idea I'm fiddling with... but it's something, I guess.

In blog related news, I've decided to hold the planned BLP Jam musings for this coming Saturday. Not only that, but I'm also tossing in a musings for this past Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules PPV, which I was able to watch in its entirety thanks to a nice dose of insomnia that kept me awake and incapable of getting shit done. The end result of my viewing experience was a pleasant surprise... but still, not a very good show.

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