Monday, July 16, 2018

3653 - This Week's Wares

So here's this week's current wares;

Reviews for Kart Fighter, Dark Legend, and Bionic Commando will be up on Wednesday, Thursaday, and Friday respectively. The reason for the delay boils down to giving myself time to finalise any edits needed before rending these videos. I remain hopeful that Review #600 comes out next week before the month is up... which is just as well because I want to start fresh in August... but more on that later.

On the text front, Wednesday will see the usual Classic Wrestling Wednesday entry be posted early on; this time covering the last WWE King Of The Ring PPV event. And if I manage to catch the replay, I'll probably give that BLP Jam a write-up because, holy fuck, I actually enjoyed that show and I want to talk about... (if not Wednesday, then probably the weekend... either way, yep. That'll be fun.)

And then Friday will be your regular scheduled Power Rangers Reflections Redux entry on an episode of In Space where the Black Ranger is held hostage by a twelve-year-old girl... not named Alexa Bliss. Looking ahead - save for one or two entry - we're looking at a couple months worth of reposts with slight edits to make them "hip" and "fresh." I figured we get the old shit out of the way and focus on the slightly newer shit.

Those are the major bits of the week to look forward to.


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