Friday, July 13, 2018

3645 - Timing Issues Throw Off Schedule

So, today's scheduled video didn't go up today because I had left early and forgot to upload the video. Sorry about that. I was going to upload the video tomorrow, but I decided to hold it off until Monday, which will begin another string of "daily reviews."

What that means is the Kart Fighter video meant for today will be up this coming Monday, while tomorrow's scheduled review will be up Tuesday, leaving Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to fill review slots. So you're getting another week of daily reviews to make up for this mild fuck-up on my end.

In the meantime, this weekend will see a couple other things up and about. I might even do a quick House Show to make up for the late plan.

Again, sorry for the hold-up. Usually, things don't go according to plan because other things get in the way. This time, it's on me. It was bound to happen.

Anyway... later.

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