Saturday, July 7, 2018

3632 - Next Week's Video Wares

So we're augmenting the video output so that the whole week will feature videos. It might not be the originally planned "bootleg fighters" club that was originally intended weeks ago, but they're all fighting games at the very least and they're all oddballs in some sense, so... that's something, I suppose.

Sunday: Killer Instinct (Game Boy)
Monday: Top Fighter 2000 (Mega Drive)
Tuesday: Street Fighter II (Master System)
Wednesday: Kart Fighter (NES)
Thursday: Mortal Kombat (Master System)
Friday: VR Fighter Vs. Taken 2 (Mega Drive)
Saturday: ???

And then the week after, there will be reviews of Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Bionic Commando on NES, and one other game that I'm holding off until much, much later.

And then 600 hits before the end of the month.

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