Thursday, June 28, 2018

3604 - Moar Old Predictions Replaced With New "Old" Musings

Some blog and web updates, along with some running thoughts after the break.

To follow up on a previous background update, the old Predictions for WWE Night Of Champions 2010 and WWE Hell In A Cell 2010 have been moved over to the Archives page and replaced with new "old" write-ups. Although in this case, they actually are old write-ups in a sense since I took the post-match thoughts of those pages and organised in proper match order, with some minor edits and rewrites here and there.

As an added bonus, I replaced two of the old posts with unpublished thoughts on the Bragging Rights and Survivor Series PPVs from 2010. I don't recall why I didn't post these initially other than I might've forgotten and after watching the shows for the first time in years, I can forgive myself for not posting thoughts on what were otherwise forgettable shows.

As an on-again, off-again side goal, I've been going over the old wrestling-related posts and have been retitling any posts that covered a specific episode of RAW, Smackdown, or Impact. The idea I've been toying with here is that might want to include those posts on the Wrestling Documents page, but I'm not sure if that's really worth diving into since a lot of those posts are either very brief or not worthy of being noticed. Nonetheless, it's something I'm considering.

On the DTM Archives channel, I've uploaded two videos showcasing my latest Mega Man Maker level; a recreation and marriage of the Mega Man 3 Wily levels. It's two videos because one features gameplay as Mega Man, while the other features gameplay as Proto Man. I'd do one for Bass... but he can't slide. Oh well. Anyway, the videos are on the channel if you want to check them out, but they won't be featured on the blog until this Saturday, where they may be joined by a few more videos showcasing a couple other levels I'll be uploading along the way.

On the video front in general, Saturday will see the damn House Show get uploaded where I play Atari Vault (and presumably the title The $3 Million Ataribox will actually be true and not just cute wordplay) and then the following week will see reviews on various fighting game things. It'll be cute and fun and shit. There will eventually be a DTM Rambles video that will be quickly followed up on (and that's something I'm hoping to kickstart as a bi-weekly run.)

In other blog-related bits, it just occurred to me that I broke the 100-post marker for the month. So in essence, I completed this 100-post challenge that never really happened and yet it feels like a bit of a cheat since a good chunk was doodles and minor bits. Still, it makes me happy to have one other month with 100+ posts and I'm more than satisfied with that outlook.

So, come July, posts will be less frequent; about one or two a day at least. And if I can't think of anything worthwhile to say, I'll upload a doodle or something to continue the trend of being "creative" or just get ideas on a wall. But I'd imagine a smooth month will probably hit about 30-60 posts, give or take.

Anyway, that's the blog state.


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