Friday, June 22, 2018

3585 - Weekend Plans

I recently went back to watch an old WCW PPV with the recently departed Big Van Vader in the main event against Sting. I ended up writing a quick musings afterwards and that's the closest thing to a "proper" tribute that I can provide in regards to the man and his career. It does relate to a rather infamous piece of WCW television business, but it's also one of the better matches I've seen and also one of the better PPVs.

That'll be up this coming later on.

As previously mentioned a couple posts ago, there is also going to be a DTM House Show where I play a bit of Atari Vault and talk about the whole Ataribox thing and where I stand on that. There may be a second House Show on Sunday where I showcase.

Next week might see a quick review or two along the way and then come July, we kick off the Oddball Fighters, where we look at a couple bootleg fighting games as well as a couple Master System ports. Should be great fun.

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