Saturday, June 16, 2018

3542 - State Of The Blog: Change Of Plans

Quite a bit of ground to cover after the break, so let's get to it.

So... next month was supposed to be a 100-Post Challenge and that's not going to happen. And you know what? I'm pleased to be removed from such a hurdle because that's a lot of work and I'd imagine with all the quick uploads of images onto the blog, reaching that count would probably be easy and somewhat disingenuous. Besides, given how many obstacles have come along the way that has slowed down basic progress, I don't a massive project such as this would hold up relatively well unless it's done WAY in advance.

So it's not happening and suddenly all those wrestling musings I wrote for the month of July have been re-organized so that they'll be uploaded every Wednesday. And I've written enough of those things that they'll last up until the end of the year, which lifts a huge weight on my shoulder because I can focus on other bits. And since I'm not going to watch any of the current WWE PPVs outside of the major shows (and even that might take a while to digest), that's even less of a load to look forward to.

Which means I can focus on getting the reviews and other video stuff up to speed. Aside from the backlog of video reviews that I need to catch up on and whip together, there's also a couple video overviews on some rubbish (one may be posted this weekend), a few DTM Rambles that I've been meaning to get around to doing, and then there's a couple side things I'd like to put together.

With that in mind, turns out that there isn't going to be a "month-long" hiatus any time soon and any background fixes in terms of obsolete blog posts will be fixed along the way. I'm hoping to have all this done before the year's up, but there's also the distinct possibility that I may take brief (unannounced) pauses along the way, with only scheduled prepped posts being published while other fixes are being done in the background. It's a possibility.

Anyway, there's some fun stuff to look forward to and here's hoping things go swimmingly along the way.

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