Sunday, June 10, 2018

3522 - Something Planned This Week

So I recently came across an item at the flea market that I bought for a few bucks that I thought would make for an interesting video. And turns out it did become something of an interesting video as it has been the focal point of my video wares these past couple days. I want to get as much done as possible while the experience is fresh in my mind since said item was then given away to a buddy who had given me that Sega Genesis Flashback unit a couple months. Something of a "fair trade" as it were.

Schlock for schlock.

The video should be done and ready to go sometime this week in short form. There's an unboxing, there's some sample play via DVD recording, and there's some sampling of game cartridges. That should be enough of a tease. Reviews should resume the following week and I very well believe it will a week's worth of wares... maybe.

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