Tuesday, June 5, 2018

3507 - Blog Maintenance Report: More Post Clearings Coming?

This week will probably be light on videos. With maybe one hitting on Friday. Either it's a review of sorts or it could be that Ataribox video that I've been putting together. More than likely it'll be a review since the latter is taking a lot of time to put together as far as research (yes, RESEARCH!) is concerned. But in any event, one on Friday.

This is partly due to my focusing on the background noise of the blog as far as finding past material to replace. It's been smooth sailing for the most part with some random blurbs that I had written years prior and giving a quick polish for publication. I'm not going to publish these bit by bit... this may very well be a long while, but by year's end, I hope to have all these holes fill.

A thought occured to me, though. With the WWE Network and a couple other services allowing for easy access to past PPVs, it may get to a point where I might start doing write-ups for a lot of the old PPVs that are currently linked to old prediction pages. Eventually, it's going to get to the point where the new write-ups will be superceding the old ones and much like the repeat Reflections and Bite commentaries, having two posts cover the same thing feels a bit redundant, especially if the older posts are reposts from a bygone day that have no context to it.

So once I'm done filling the 100+ posts that are currently in draft mode, I might start moving the prediction pages over to the Archive site (itself having long been dormant for ages and needing some semblance of material) and that means more shit to replace those pages with... though I'd imagine that would be easier to put together because I could simply replace some of those pages with proper write-ups and try to keep it within the context of the year.

Anyway, that's an idea I've been toying with.

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