Thursday, May 31, 2018

3495 - This Weekend's Video Wares

So, Saturday should see the monthly pick-up video go up in the afternoon and there's also a bit of a bonus bit tacted on at the beginning of the video. I don't expect that bit to be a regular thing; if you want some idiot eating weird foods, go watch Ashens.

And then on Sunday, we shall be getting a DTM House Show thing. I'm not sure if this is going to be live or pre-taped, but it should hit the Youtubes or around that time. By that same token, I'm not quite sure if I'm still going to do the Mega Man Maker thing as planned or if I'm going to go ahead and do a casual run of that Curse Of The Moon thing... and yes, I said casual. Normal "hardcore" play or whatever you want to call it is reserved strictly for leisurely alone time... and maybe a future video come October.

Anyway, that's the plan that's subject to change should anything go wrong. I do have an annual farm trip to make this Saturday, but I don't believe it'll be that big of an issue.

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