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Thursday, May 31, 2018

3492 - The Challenge Of A 100-Post Challenge

So it's time to address the subject of a potential 100-Post Challenge II... and I'll start off by saying that for the moment, December is looking to be the more likely time to get such a thing done and sadly, even that's going to be a bit of a nightmare.

Whenever I get the chance, I've been looking over the blog posts of the past nine-ish years and I've been noticing a lot of posts that either have dead video links or links to articles that are no longer available and the posts themselves provide very little context. As such, I am looking to find older material from the archives or possibly pull out a random Q&A transcript from older DTM-Cast episodes.

No more is this readily apparent when going through the original 100-Post challenge that took place through August 2015, where I found roughly a good dozen of those posts out of the 111 total needing to be replaced or fixed with appropriately dated archival material. This also makes the original challenge something of a broken proposition since the intent was to try and push 100 pieces of worthwhile content - whether it'd be videos, text, or even some artistic bits - and the end result was anything but.

This, more than anything, is part of the reason why I've been putting off doing another 100-post challenge. It's difficult enough trying to find the time to come up with stuff on a semi-regular basis, but to try and fill ONE month with 100 pieces of material of varying sources and sizes and hoping that shit sticks five years down the line is a near inhuman task for someone who does this as a hobby and is finding more time to sleep than, say, five years ago when pumping out 200 videos in a calendar year was not within the realm of impossibility.

So right now, the only major push is breaking 600 video reviews before the August hiatus. If anything else comes up in the interim, then that's a bonus. But come December, I SHOULD be able to conjure up 100 pieces of unique material for the blog to close out the year... and some of that stuff is looking very promising.

But we'll see.

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