Friday, May 18, 2018

3459 - The Return Of DTM House Show... May 26, 2018

So it's the return of the DTM House Show, although not necessarily in that kind of format. Instead of doing a live stream where I say very little, it'll be a pre-recorded video where I say little... which is a step up, I suppose. There's also going to be slightly more edits here and there, so maybe that'll be a thing.

So, basically, what I'm doing for this return of DTM House Show is playing some Mega Man Maker. Either it'll be with the new version or the same version depending on whether it comes out, but since all this will be pre-taped, it really doesn't matter. For those who visit the DTM Archives Youtube channel (or frequent this very blog), you'll know that I've been posting MMM videos on there as of late as "advertisements" for the levels being uploaded to the server.

Well, this is almost the same thing except now I'll be playing my own levels again (along with a couple variations) and I will also dwell into some online levels. The hope is to keep the runtime under an hour so that it's easier to digest, but who knows?

This isn't going to be a "regular" thing; just something I feel like doing every once in a while. And who knows? Maybe some day, I might do a live stream and see how badly that turns out.

We'll see... but for now, see you in two weeks for the stream.

But stick around for everything else in between.

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