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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

3456 - Also On A Side Note

And this is more of a technical bit than anything, but I've been in the process of tracking down any null posts over the past eight to nine years worth of stuff on the blog - mostly posts with broken video links or links to content that is no longer available. For the most part, this usually involves replacing said post with older material.

This is part of the reason why I've been re-reposting the older Bite commentaries from ages ago onto these dead spaces. The "doubles" that some of you might see when browsing the posts will soon be replaced with other material that isn't so reliant on video embeds or outside sources. This takes time to not only catalogue all the null posts, but also find material to replace said posts and try to keep it timeless so that it fits in seemlessly.

This is, in effect, another reason why I don't care to do the 100-post challenge this month. It's just too much of a load and sometimes, you take in so much stuff that it eventually starts to feel like work. And when something that's supposed to be a hobby starts to feel like work, that's a sign that maybe I should back off a bit there.

In any event, this is purely for the sake of background technical bits and has no real effect on regular updates. But, if there's anything significant that's been posted that's worth sharing or spotlighting, I'll make a note of it in a future update or something. For now... yeah, have fun.


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