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Thursday, April 5, 2018

3407 - The Reflections Schedule

So, tomorrow sees the return of Power Rangers Reflections Redux, my on-and-off series of written musings and summaries of randomly chosen Power Rangers episodes. Also, tomorrow, the old posts go out the window and presumably replaced with something else along the way, so going forward, these will be the only entries in this category.

Barring the first two entries and a period in June, a new (or repost) entry will be added every other Friday and here's hoping for a little more consistency this time around.

Anyway, here's the planned episodes being covered for the next three months.

April 8th: Best Man For The Job (MMPR, Season 2), repost
April 13th: Day Of The Dumpster (original pilot episode) NEW
April 27th: Second Chances (MMPR, Season 2), repost
May 11th: Trouble By The Slice (PRTurbo, the one with the pizza) NEW
May 25th: Shell Shocked (PRiS crossover with Ninja Turtles) NEW

Also in June, the feature will (briefly) be posted every Friday.

June 1st: Once A Ranger (Operation Overdrive), repost-ish
June 8th: Lost And Found In Translation (Dino Thunder, the Abaranger episode) NEW
June 15th: Rocky Just Wants To Have Fun (MMPR, Season 2)
June 22nd: The Ninja Encounter (MMPR, Season 2), repost-ish
June 29th: Countdown To Destruction (PRiS Finale) KINDA NEW

This is the current format. Once we get to July, hopefully, we'll have some ready for those months.

Until then... fingers crossed.

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