Saturday, March 24, 2018

3375 - Strange Symphony Of The Night Glitch (DTM Blog Post #738)

Originally posted on February 2008

What the fuck?

And for once, it has nothing to do with excessive amounts of curses.

It's a strange glitch that I happen to come across while playing the Symphony of the Night game included in the Drac-X Chronicles game. When you begin the Alucard portion of the game, you'll come across a room where a cutscene with the Reaper begins and he takes your more powerful weapons and leaves you with nothing but the pot roast you collected or something.

Now from what I understand, to bypass this sequence, you're supposed to jump into one of the wargs (the big wolf things) who is supposed to knock you past that room and into the next vertical room, thereby skipping the cutscene and keeping your powerful goods.

Thing is this; when I entered the Death room, I stopped briefly and turned back to the other hall with the wargs. I then went back into the room and no cutscene happened. Not wanting to chance anything, I jumped off the platform and onto the ground. Still nothing. And so I left the room and continued onwards, equipment and all.

So is this something that has happened before or did I just luck out this? My guess is that I missed the hotspot which triggers the event, but I don't know if this is supposed to happen. If someone knows what I'm talking about and has an answer, I appreciate it.

The Modern Take

Someday, I wish to recreate this glitch for the purposes of video. Would be an interesting piece of business to document. If only I can find a good way to grab PSP footage.

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